The Pictures

The largest section of the exhibition is a gallery of 50 colour pictures, representing a guide to the universe and our place in it. Most of the images – which have been specially selected for their dramatic impact, beauty and educational value – are courtesy of NASA, and were taken by various space probes and telescopes, but other pictures on display come from professional astrophotographers and members of Kendal’s Eddington Astronomical Society.

Here are a few of the beautiful images you will be able to see in the exhibition…


That breathtaking image, provided by NASA, shows a huge explosion on the Sun. This is one of the images that will be displayed “super size” at the exhibition! You’ll almost be able to feel the heat coming out of it!


This image – showing EAS member Stella Coxon in front of a spectacular sunset – shows the Sun on a rather smaller and more familiar scale…


That stunning picture of the famous “Orion Nebula”  was taken by American astrophotographer Robert Gendler, who has generously given his permission for some of his images to be displayed in the Museum.


Of course, there are images of our own planet too. That stunning portrait of Earth will also be displayed super-size…


Mars is well represented in the exhibition, too. This gorgeous portrait of Victoria Crater was made by EAS member Ian Bradley, who combined images of the crater taken from the ground and from orbit.


The exhibition celebrates the night sky, too. This image shows what the night sky would look like from Kendal if all the lights suddenly went out…

47 (bin-view)

And if you want to know more about amateur astronomy, there are helpful pictures in the exhibition that show you what you can see with binoculars and a small telescope…

Here’s what you’ll see if you come along to the exhibition…

Ex pics 003

Ex pics 004

In another part of the exhibition you can see some rather… different pictures!


If that picture looks odd that’s because it’s an “anaglyph” – a 3D picture! With a pair of those funny red and blue glasses the objects in the picture jump out of the screen at you, they’re amazing! And the “Our Amazing Universe!” exhibition will feature some of the most striking 3D images of Mars around, like this one, taken by the Mars rover “Spirit” last year…


Don’t worry if you haven’t got a pair of glasses, there will be sets available to use at the exhibition. Here’s the “3D Gallery” featured at the exhibition…

Am Uni 028

Am Uni 029

By the way, if you’re coming along to the exhibition and try to see the 3D images but can’t, don’t worry; not everyone can see 3D images, it depends on how good your eyesight is. But most people can see something, an if you get the “full effect” it’s amazing! 🙂

There are other things to see in the exhibition, too. For our younger visitors there’s our special “Mars sand pit” where you can play at making a Mars base and aliens!

Ex pics 007

And for our more literary-minded visitors we have two “astropoems” written by the EAS’s Secretary…

Ex pics 002

Click on the tabs on the main page to see what else there is to enjoy at “Our Amazing Universe!”

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